2012 Quadro Nuevo @ GMI – German-Malaysian Institut

Abfahrt zum German-Malaysian InstituteDSC_1315DSC_1326DSC_1336DSC_1349DSC_1357
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On their way to China, Quadro Nuevo had a 5 day stop- over in Malaysia. One concert in Penang, one in the auditorium of the GMI in Kajang and two in the Ambassador’s Residence kept them busy.
Highlight was the musical fusion with local AkashA on October 4th. Without any preparation the two bands “jammed” to the absolute delight of the audience.
The band was in Malaysia two years ago- and loved it. Their impressions of sights, sounds and fragran ces of Malaysia are captured in their piece “Secret Garden” on the CD “Grand Voyage”
…..talking about sounds and “secret garden”. The piece was recorded on the terrace of the Ambassador’s Residence in KLCC and it turned out to be quite a challenge for the sound engineer to erase all the construction and traffic-caused background noise….

Please feel free to share photos/album with all visitors of the “Quadro Nuevo meets AkashA concert” at the german embassy residence. A lot of people asked me to send the photos. This is the easiest way to inform all visitors.

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