2017 CD-Release TRANCE “The looser strikes back”

In the early ’80s, the Hardrocker TRANCE had a considerable place in the German rock scene. They where just behind the Scorpions and Accept as the third force of the Teutonen-Metal. With their first two albums “Break Out” (1982) and “Power Infusion” (1983), the young heroes from the Palatinate also had a promising career, but in the course of the decade, the metal bastion increasingly crumbled to the point Final resolution in 1998.

Trance are presenting their newest album ‘The Loser Strikes Back’ with the original band members Markus Berger (songwriter, guitarist) and Thomas Klein (bass) in 2017.
Together with Andreas “Neudi” Neuderth of Manilla Road on drums, Joe Strubel (ex-AC/ID) takes over the vocals with Eddie St. James on the second guitar.

The album was recorded in the VPS Studio under the watch of Charly Czajkowski (Rage, Subsignal, 21 Octayne).


TOM KLEIN – bass
NEUDI – drums
JOE STRUBEL – vocals
EDDIE ST. JAMES – guitar

Covershoots by René van der Voorden / van der Voorden PHOTOGRAPHY


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