2019 Robert Pfankuchen Shooting @ VoordenGraphy.com Studios

2019 Robert Pfankuchen Shooting @ VoordenGraphy.com Studios

Kürzlich war der international anerkannte Percussionist Robert Pfankuchen für Künstlerportraits in meinem Fotoatelier.
Ich hätte auch gerne mal Percussions bei DeeDee Bridgewater oder Diane Schuur gespielt. 🙂 DeeDee Bridgewater hatte ich 2017 bei den Proben der SWR Bigband und auf der Jazz Open in Stuttgart hautnah vor der Kamera. Es ist immer eine große Ehre mit großartigen Künstlern zusammenzuarbeiten.

Vita/Bio von Robert Pfankuchen

Percussionist Robert Pfankuchen, born 1991 raised in Cologne/Bonn studied World Music at Codarts Rotterdam and Jazz/Pop Percussion at the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Bachelor and Masterdegree.
Through his studies he explored different varieties of musical styles and playing techniques. His passion is the creative use of Latin percussion instruments in all kinds of styles. So you might find him in settings where the arrangers usually don ́t expect percussionists. His master research treated the role of the latin-percussionist in modern and traditional Big Band music besides Latin styles. A wide subject which offered many surprises!
Nevertheless he loves all kinds of latin and brazilian music and gained big experience in playing and leading several Salsa and Latin-Jazz ensembles. Since 2018 he is the percussionist of „Flowin Tension“. This band creates new styles all around brazilian grooves and rhythms combined with jazzy and funky vibes. „Groove-Jazz“!

As an experienced big band musician he feels very comfortable in all traditional, latin and modern styles. His work as teacher and artist brought the young musician to almost every continent. He performed at festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival and has been seen and heard on different TV and Radio Shows.
As active studio and session musician Robert was part of many CD productions. From Pop to Jazz. In 2019 he started his own Latin-Jazz Series „ConClave“ which combines Piano, Congas and featured artist. Robert played in the last years with great Artists like DeeDee Bridgewater, Diane Schuur, The Hessian State Jazz Orchestra, The Real Group and many more.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/robert.pfankuchen
Instagram: www.instagram.com/robertpercussion

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