Bernard Allison Group @ Kammgarn in Kaiserslautern

Bernard Allison Group @ Kammgarn in Kaiserslautern, ursprünglich hochgeladen von van der Voorden Photography

Bernard Allison was introduced to the roots of black music and playing electric guitar by his father, the blues legend Luther Allison.
He joined the tourband of Luther Allison in 1989 after a furious collaboration of ‘Father & Son’ at the ’89 Chicago Blues Festival. Bernard released his first solo album in 1990 and the title was program: ‘The Next Generation’. He started touring with his own group all over Europe and released several albums, taking the tradition of black music he grew up with into the new century melting the influences into his own brand – BERNARD ALLISON.

“It’s just a big pleasure for me to continue my father’s legacy, but you know I don’t go out and try to be Luther Allison. I just go and do what I’ve learned from my Dad and the likes of Koko Taylor, or Stevie Ray Vaughan or Albert King. So, I’m trying to keep the blues alive Bernard Allison style.” — Bernard Allison

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